Wayne Manning Discusses How to Set Life Intentions

Podcast Episode 042                                                         Release Date: 1/1/16


Wayne_ManningOn this podcast Wayne Manning, Professional Certified Coach (PCC), a coach instructor and course leader for the Academy for Coaching Excellence (ACE) tells you how to set Life Intentions. Wayne works closely with Academy founder, author, renowned life coach, and clinical psychologist, Dr. Maria Nemeth. Together they develop and conduct coach training workshops, seminars and continuing education webinars for aspiring coaches as well as experienced professional coaches. Wayne shares how Life Intentions energizes what you aspire to be. He discusses Maria concept of your Basic Assumptions or the “big no” that can stop you in your tracks as you try to move forward. Listen in as Wayne explains your resistance to change, and gives you tips on how you can master the energy of time and money. To learn more about Wayne the Academy for Coaching Excellence workshop Mastering Life’s Energies, check out their website: http://acecoachtraining.com/

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