Stephen Scoggins Discusses The Journey Principles

Podcast Episode 024                                                     Release Date: 8/28/2015

Stephen-Scoggins-250x257On this podcast best-selling author Stephen Scoggins shares his story of how he went from being homeless, broke and sleeping in his car to starting and flourishing in a business that is now worth 36 million dollars just 16 years later. In his book The Journey Principles Stephen lays out his 10 Principles for moving past feelings of being trapped and isolated so that you can turn your failures into successes. He also shares how Spirituality and his faith allowed him to let go of past inner turmoil and conflicts. Stephen now teaches that there is always wealth hidden in the debris of life. His commitment to striving for a healthy mind, heart, and business has allowed him to build his flagship business and mentor others in the ways of biblical principles and a life of faith. Although Stephen has found favor with a continually-growing business, he believes that his true calling is mentoring others on how to move beyond their circumstances to find not only success, but hope, faith, and happiness. Stephen now tours the country speaking to thousands, and he shares his personal story and all that he has learned about anxiety, depression, guilt, forgiveness, fear of failure and fear of success. To learn more about Stephen and The Journey Principles visit his website:



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