Half-day, Full-day, and Weekend Seminars are offered to give you more information and the opportunity for a greater understanding and implementation of Stress Free Now tips, tools, and strategies.


Our Feel Better Now workshops are a great way to take a mini-vacation. You’ll learn tips and strategies to deal with the stressors of daily living and enjoy experiential exercises that will give you immediate relief for your pain, anxiety, and stress while increasing your energy and mental clarity.


Stress Free Now webinars cover a variety of topics each filled with tips and tools that you can readily implement to make positive changes in your lifestyle to promote better health.


Our teleseminars are a great way to keep current with new and innovative information and tips that will help you to improve the quality of your daily living.


Each week you can find new interviews with prominent experts, professionals and individuals from many walks of life as they share their wisdom and answer questions about life, work, and living stress free.




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