Reggie Marra, M.A., A.C.C. Speaks about Grief and the Healing Process

Podcast Episode 026                                                       Release Date: 9/11/2015


Reggie_MarraOn this podcast Certified Integral Master Coach™ Reggie Marra speaks about grief and the healing process. Reggie distinguishes grief from mourning, and he shares his five practices for supporting healing. Reggie is a partner with Paradox Edge, a business coaching and consulting firm. He is also an educator and teaching poet, a former teacher, basketball coach, and administrator in secondary and higher education. Reggie has presented his poetry and workshops for the National Association for Poetry Therapy, the Transformative Language Arts Network, the National Speakers Association, the Iona Spirituality Institute, TEC Canada and Vistage USA. Reggie is the author of The Quality of Effort, which delivers a powerful message of hope, filled with humanity and honest answers to questions we sometimes think about but may not want to ask ourselves. Reggie is also a certified Leadership Agility 360 Coach, and he holds an ACC credential with the International Coach Federation. He helps clients get results. To learn more about Reggie and how his comprehensive Integral coaching approach can help boost your performance and help you achieve your goals, visit his website or


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