Master Your Sleep - Proven Methods Simplified

    Sleep disorders plague a frightening percentage of the population, and many people who have problems sleeping simply learn to live with their affliction. But at what cost? Sleep disorders can affect all aspects of life, from school and work to personal relationships to mental health. Because of the myriad types of sleep disorders and the equally numerous treatment methods, there is no quick fix for all sufferers.
    Master Your Sleep is for those who are looking for answers. Dr. Tracey Marks explains how and why we sleep and delves into the many types and potential causes of sleep disruption. Master Your Sleep will help readers understand their sleep patterns and provides an extremely thorough exploration of potential treatments, from herbal and prescription medications to a variety of therapies. From the simple to the complex, Dr. Marks explains the potential risks and benefits found in all treatment methodologies.
    Master Your Sleep is an invaluable addition to the libraries of those who suffer from sleep disorders and family members of sufferers. Stop ''living with'' your sleep disorder and take action to end it!

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