REM Dreamer Lucid Dreaming Induction Device

The REM-Dreamer uses infrared sensors to detect when you are in REM (dreaming) sleep. At that point the REM-Dreamer gives you sound and light cues (beeps and flashing lights) to remind you that you are dreaming, unlike the old Novadreamer. Thus, external world stimuli are transferred to the world of your dreams, and it becomes easy to achieve lucidity. The REM-Dreamer kit comes with a very comfortable sleeping mask with a small printed circuit board tucked inside that detects REM sleep, giving cues in the form of flashes or beeps. The kit also includes an LCD display device, which allows the user to adjust all settings very easily. The user can use any of several simple presets, or can customize the number of sounds and light flashes, their volume and brilliance, frequency per second, and duration. In addition, the REM sensor can be set to accurately track your personal REM eyeball movement. The device comes with the 36-page user's manual. The REM-Dreamer has given many people the opportunity to experience lucid dreaming, and the opportunity to use this natural state of consciousness to program their subconscious, influence their behavior, explore the world of the mind, and work with habits of body and mind, depending on their own needs and desires. The REM-Dreamer consists of a circuit board tucked inside the mask and an LCD display. There are two lines in the LCD. The upper line shows the menu entry (for instance: 1. Delay time), while the lower line shows the value of the parameter of the menu entry (for instance: 00:10:00 of the delay time).

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