FIVE STAR FS8812 NEW 10-MOTOR MASSAGE CUSHION WITH HEAT FOR HOME, OFFICE AND CAR. 3 YEAR FACTORY WARRANTY. UNITS ARE BRAND NEW IN BOX. Key Features and specifications: Microprocessor control. 10 motor invigorating massager. Relieves tension, stress and sore muscles for the neck, back and thighs. Soothing heat. Built-in thermostat to control the temperature automatically at a comfortable level. Hand control unit - 8 push buttons total. 4 push buttons to control the 4 functions: Power on/off, Heat on/off. Note: The heat can be independently turned on or off. This allows heat to be used with or without massage. Similarly, the massage function can be on with or without heat. 3 massage speeds, 4 massage programs. 4 push buttons to select the 4 zones: M1 - Shoulder/upper back, M2 - Lower back, M3 - Lumbar, M4 - Thigh. Each of these zones can be selected by pressing the corresponding button for a concentrated massage on any one zone or any combination of two, three, or all four zones. 4 programs: Program 1: Cycles through all four Zones in order of M1, M2, M3, and M4, in four stages of increasing speed. After the fourth stage, the process repeats. Program 2: Cycles through all four Zones in order of M1, M2, M3, and M4, fading from one Zone to the next Zone. Program 3: Cycles through all four Zones in order of M1, M2, M3, and M4, alternating M 1&2, 2&3, 3&4, 4&1 progressively. Program 4: Cycles all four Zones at once and gently fades all Zones simultaneously and slowly increases the speed back to the previous intensity. Portable for home/office/auto. Car adapter included. 110-220V AC to 12V DC adapter included. Automatically shut down in 30 minutes. Size: 42" x 19" x 1". Customer satisfaction guaranteed: 30 days replacement or refund. Factory Warranty: 3 years. Note: This is not a Shiatsu massager with rolling balls. The 10 motors in this massage cushion are vibration motors.

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