You're Accepted: A Stress-Free and Proven Approach

“I will certainly give you tried-and-true advice on specific aspects of the application process—school selection, competition around tests and grades, extra-curriculars, interviews, recommenders, stress, decisions, and especially the essays. More important, though, I hope this book helps you reframe how you look at applying to college. . . . Use this time to become closer to who you really are. Ideally, you can walk away from this process with not only a school acceptance but also a far more precious gift: self-acceptance.—from the introduction As a graduate of Harvard and Stanford, a consultant for a top admissions consulting firm, and the former admissions director for Teach for America, Katie Malachuk has a wealth of expert advice to share with all academic applicants. Yet her most valuable asset is the wisdom she has gleaned as an instructor at one of the nation’s top yoga schools. Blending her practical savvy with her keen spiritual insight, she illuminates an inviting new path in You’re Accepted. Applying for college is a major rite of passage, but too often it’s approached from an oversimplified perspective: “What is the SAT cutoff?” “How high is the rejection rate?” and, sadly, “How will I face the world if I get rejected?” Taking a much more enlightened approach, You’re Accepted taps into a well of genuinely meaningful questions to uncover concerns that will matter for a lifetime, such as what you value, what makes you happy, and who is important in your life. Malachuk has dedicated much of her career to helping young adults avoid the angst she experienced as an applicant. Though she was accepted to numerous high-profile universities, she also withdrew from two schools (Northwestern and Georgetown Law School) because they were ultimately not a good fit for the person she was, or the person she wanted to become. In powerful, conversational chapters, she shares her own and her clients’ moving stories from the front lines to help you get a realistic picture of your chosen schools, while getting in touch with your own unique traits. Filled with dozens of insider tips on everything from writing The Dreaded Essay to seeing things from the admissions committee’s point of view, You’re Accepted equips you with first-rate tactics for honing all aspects of your application. Malachuk goes far beyond the tips in other guide books, though, by becoming your guru for the bigger questions represented by this transition. Supplying you with a whole-life philosophy, she tackles the anxiety of waiting for results, helps you identify your natural talents, provides advice for responding to loving but overbearing parents, and illuminates the road to true peace of mind—in college and beyond. --This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition.

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