Mike Dell Speaks About Stress Free Podcasting 101 – Part Two

Podcast Episode 033                                                       Release date: 10/30/2015

Mike Dell ShuttleOn this podcast Tech Geek and Early Adaptor Michael Dell continues to share his unique insights on the history of podcasting and how you too can learn to avoid the pitfalls of podcasting should you desire to create a successful and long running series of podcasts. Michael describes himself as a Ham Radio guy, Broadcaster, Podcast Producer, DJ, Graphics Guy, Web guy, Ex-USAF, Aviation Nut, Husband, Banjo Picker (attempted), Tuba Player and all around good guy. He has been with RawVoice, Inc. the parent company of the podcast hosting company Blubrry.com for 6 years and has been podcasting for over 10 years. Michael helps field and answer podcasters’ general and technical questions as part of the Blubrry.com support team. His forthcoming book on podcasting can be found at http://podcasthelpdesk.com/nobs/. Michael updates listeners on the new and forthcoming products and services available to Blubrry users and he describes how and why the Blubrry platform can be a good value as a either a free or paid option for podcasters. To learn more about how Michael can help you succeed in podcasting, contact him at http://mikedell.com/ or podcasthelpdesk.com

Mike Dell Banjo

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