Lisa Perez Tells You How to Get Better Results by Communicating More Effectively

Podcast Episode 015                                           Release Date: 6/26/2015

Lisa-PerezOn this podcast Lisa Perez shares her expertise on ways to improve the impact of the messages you send in your career and at home. Lisa is the President of HBL Resources, Inc., a human resources consulting company which specializes in improving business performance through employee engagement. She brings over 23 years of Human Resource experience and serves as a trusted advisor and consultant to a range of small start up businesses and to large organizations such Virgin Hotels, Miccosukee Resort and Gaming, SLS Hotels, Goldman Properties and Consolidating Holding to name a few. Sharpen your skills by listening as Lisa shows you how to up your communications IQ so that you get the results you want when you speak. To learn more about Lisa or to contact her, go to her website:


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