Lee Weber Discusses Rising Above the Pain and Debilitating Effects of Addiction

Podcast Episode 053                                                      Release Date: 3/18/2016

Lee Weber Addiction Blog 2On this podcast Lee Weber, Editor-in-Chief of Addiction Blog shares her story of addiction recovery and her mission to inform others about addiction treatments and its options. On Addiction Blog, Lee combines communications, content creation, and community development to assist and provide hope to others in need of recovery. Lee describes the underlying causes of addiction, the damaging effects of long-term abuse and the various treatments, resources, and support systems available to addicts including Allies in Recovery and CRAFT – Community Reinforcement and Family Training that focus on changing debilitating patterns and behaviors. Lee Weber is an expert on the subject matter who gives the sobering statistics on predisposition to drug use and addiction, the psycho-emotional triggers that lead to addiction, and the neuroscience and hormonal changes that may hold the keys to understanding addiction and it’s successful treatment.  Learn more at addictionblog.org or email Lee at Lee@addictionblog.org.

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