Judith Lukin, LMSW, M.Ed. Discusses How You Can Use Writing As A Means of Self Expression

Podcast Episode 017                                               Release Date: 7/10/2015

Judith_Lukin_On this podcast Judith Lukin, LMSW, M.Ed. shares her tips for how you can learn to use the process of writing to increase self awareness and self expression. She explains how and why the writing process can serve as a form of self empowerment especially as you learn to express your ideas and thoughts clearly in written form. Judy describes herself as a thinker, questioner and keen observer of human behavior. An accomplished educator and community organizer, she has Master’s degrees in both Adult Education and Social Work with a solid background in Sociology and Psychology. Judy is fascinated by why people do what they do and how they present themselves in the world. Judy has been writing and facilitating adult learning for many years. She’s designed many staff development and training workshops, an academic writing course, and a Circle-of-Life Planning which helps participants develop action plans in one or more of eight (8) aspects of life: health, family, home, leisure and social life, learning, work, money and service. Judith’s courses are available upon request. To learn more about Judy and how you can work with her, check out her blog: http://judithlukin.com/

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