George Pierson Talks about Using Numerology to Map the Best Moves for Your Life

Podcast Episode 066                                             Release Date: June 17, 2016

George_PiersonOn this podcast George Pierson shares his views on how and why using the ancient science of Numerology can provide insight and in some cases guidance for your life. George is an accomplished creative artist, having worked as an executive at NBC, HBO, and Discovery – but his main goal in life has been a quest to discover and unravel the mystery of creativity. George’s own hero’s journey has taken him around world: to Egypt and India several times. George has become an expert using healing light, fire energy, brainwaves, and numerology. He is currently working towards mastery of Buddhism and he is an authority in the use of the Mind Mirror brain technology. To learn more about George visit his websites: or or you can email him at



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