Dr. Tony Howell Explains How Delaying Gratification Leads to Academic and Career Success

Podcast Episode 057                                                     Release Date: April 15, 2016


On this podcast Dr. Tony Howell, the Executive Director of the EOP Program at NJIT, lays out the terrain in which academic and career success takes places at the K-12 and college levels. Dr. Howell distinguishes for listeners how new college students must transition from the paradigm of simply memorizing and regurgitating information presented to them to become co-creators and co-learners in order to excel at the undergraduate and graduate school levels. Dr. Howell says this is an active process and learning to delay gratification and having a future time orientation are foundational keys to academic and career success. Dr. Howell explains how students entering college without the skill set of delaying gratification can learn to alter their perceptions of time in order move away from the need for instant gratification and immediate rewards. Dr. Howell’s gift to students is that he is able to show those who are unfamiliar with the mental discipline required to successfully complete a high level engineering and computer science program how to practically implement new behaviors which lead to academic success. Tony has received numerous awards from prestigious engineering societies and is a respected leader in his field. Listen in to learn how Dr. Howell’s EOP Program at NJIT has been able to help hundreds of students graduate and excel in computer science and engineering careers.

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