Dr. Maria Nemeth Asks the Question “Would It Be Alright If Life Got Easier?”

Podcast Episode 019                                  Release Date: 7/24/2015

On this podcast Dr. Maria Nemeth, the author of the books The Energy of Money and Mastering Life’s Energies, tells listeners how to develop a healthier relationship with money as energy in all its forms in order to use it as a tool to get what you want. Dr. Nemeth is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Master Certified Coach who has delighted audiences worldwide with her provocative, optimistic, and action-oriented approach for healing your relationship with money. She is the Founder and Director of the Academy for Coaching Excellence where she and her faculty train individuals to become personal coaches to qualify for International Coaching Federation certification. She also gives workshops independent of the coaching programs which can take individuals to new levels of understanding so that they make immediate and lasting positive changes in their lives. To learn more about Maria and the unique added value she can give you by acquiring the appropriate skill for success, you can contact her via her websites www.marianemeth.com or www.acecoachtraining.com.



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