Dr. Les Fehmi and Susan Shor-Fehmi, LCSW, Explain How Open Focus™ Helps You Dissolve Your Stress, Anxiety, Grief and Chronic Pain

Podcast Episode 063                                                      Release Date: May 27, 2016

Les and SusanOn this podcast biofeedback and neurofeedback pioneer Dr. Les Fehmi and Susan Shor-Fehmi, LCSW, give you an opportunity to start off your holiday weekend right by showing you how you can easily learn to dissolve your chronic pain, anxiety, stress and grief by using Open Focus™. Dr. Fehmi is Director of the Princeton Biofeedback Centre in Princeton, New Jersey and author of the best-selling books The Open-Focus Brain and Dissolving Pain. He is a founding member of the Biofeedback Society of America (now AAPB). For over thirty years he has conducted research and practiced clinically in the area of attention and EEG biofeedback, helping clients get superior stress relief results. Susan Shor-Fehmi, LCSW, Executive Director of the Princeton Biofeedback Centre, has taught Open Focus™ and neurofeedback for over twenty years, specializing in multi-channel, phase-synchrony, brain wave training. Susan has long been interested in the integration of neurofeedback, attention training, and psychodynamic psychotherapy and how to use these techniques to achieve beneficial clinical solutions for clients. To learn more about Dr. Les Fehmi and Susan Shor-Fehmi, LCSW and how neurofeedback and Open Focus™ can improve your life, visit their website: www.OpenFocus.com or you can call them at the Princeton Biofeedback Centre at 609-924-0782.


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