Dr. Ken Jennings Discusses the Critical Role Re-Inventing Yourself Plays in Career Success

Podcast Episode 051                                                         Release Date: 3/19/2016

Ken JenningsOn this podcast environmental scientist and consultant Dr. Ken Jennings discusses how and why re-inventing yourself leads to career success. Dr. Jennings has over 25 years of experience working in government, industry, and consulting. While in government, he worked at the US EPA Headquarters while in the private sector he worked for Amoco, Shell and Microsoft Corporations. Ken’s areas of expertise include sustainability, energy, and climate change in Africa and the Caribbean. He is an Adjunct Professor of Environmental Management for the University of Maryland University Center and consults for major industries and governments. Dr. Jennings earned a BS in geology and geophysics from Yale, a Masters in geology from the University of California Santa Barbara, and a Doctorate in environmental science and engineering from UCLA. He is married and has one daughter. Dr. Jennings shares his philosophy on the value of teamwork in competition, being proactive rather than reactive, how he navigated bullying from the school yard to the workplace, and his strategies for career versatility. To learn more about Ken’s work as Managing Director of K2J, visit his website: www.k2jenvironmental.com. To contact Ken, you can email him at kvbjii@icloud.com, call him at 425-785-8963 or reach him using his Twitter handle @kvbj47.

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