Dr. Robert Weil Discusses How to Stay Healthy While Playing Sports and Prevent Unnecessary Injuries – Part One

Podcast Episode 045                                                          Release Date: 1/22/2016

Dr Robert Weil from Sun-Times MediaOn this podcast Dr. Robert A. Weil, Doctor of Podiatry Medicine, who is affectionately known as Dr. Bob, the Sports Doctor, explains the critical role your feet play in athletic performance. Dr. Bob is a medical authority in the areas of injury prevention and sports medicine who emphasizes the importance of being on top your game mentally and physically by becoming more aware of your feet and proper foot care. Dr. Bob is the host of The Sports Doctor, heard on http://www.healthylife.net, Wednesdays at 3PM Central Time. He was formerly on radio station WDCB 90.9 FM in Chicago for more than 20 years. In his clinical practice Dr. Bob successfully guides patients to pay close attention to safety and shoe fit in order to enhance their healthy well being and prevent injuries for both adults and children.  Dr. Bob has been a podiatrist to world class athletes including Evan Lysacek, Men’s Ice Skating Olympic Gold Medalist who was recently inducted into the Figure Skating Hall of Fame. To learn more about how Dr. Bob can help you up your sports game, visit his website at http://www.sportsdoctorradio.com/.

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