Dr. Allan Leslie Combs Discusses the Role of Consciousness in Every Day Life: Part 2

Podcast Episode 030                                                   Release Date: 10/9/2015

allan_combsOn this podcast Dr. Combs continues explaining why you should care about the role consciousness plays in every day life from a practical perspective without the normal scientific jargon. Dr. Combs discusses concepts from his latest book Consciousness Explained Better including laying out the origins and significance of the Wilber-Combs Matrix. Professor Combs’ explanations are simultaneously fascinating and humorous. Besides providing insight on his special relationship with Ken Wilber, Professor Combs gives his views on other important Luminaries such as the recently deceased eminent brain scientist Karl Pribram, Consciousness studies pioneer Stanley Krippner and others. Professor Combs is the author of the best selling book Radiance of Being and the founder of the Consciousness Society. To learn more about Professor Combs’ fascinating work in the area of consciousness, see his website: www.sourceintegralis.org




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