Dora Carpenter Speaks About Moving From Grief to Gratitude and How to Cope with Holiday Grief

Podcast Episode 034                                                Release Date: 11/6/2015



On this podcast grief recovery authority Dora Carpenter lays out her gentle approach to recovering from grief as she explains and acknowledges how the deep emotional wounding and pain felt after the death of a close loved one is a unique experience for each and every individual. Dora is a certified grief coach , certified life coach, and speaker. She is the author of several books on grieving and bereavement including Coping with Holiday Grief: Can I Make the Holiday Season Disappear? and The Grief to Gratitude Blueprint… What to Do When Death Occurs: An insider’s tips to 24-72 hours following a death… and beyond. Ms. Carpenter is one of only eight trainers personally licensed by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. to teach Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® workshops in the United States. In this interview Dora asks and answers the really tough questions such as “What happens after the doorbell stops ringing and the telephone rings cease?” “What happens when your family and friends have returned home, the house is quiet, and the reality of loss sets in?” Dora says that there is no specific road map or time frame to follow; however, unless action steps are taken, unresolved grief can have a devastating impact on many areas of your life. Bereavement statistics show that it takes on average five to eight years to recover from a devastating loss. Ms. Carpenter says that with the proper information, tools, and support, it doesn’t have to take that long. You can get to the exit path of this wilderness, but you must take action. To learn more about Dora and how her approach helps you recover from grief so that you can heal, visit her website



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