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Are you tired, burned out, overly anxious or suffering from chronic pain?

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The Free Consultation – see how you can benefit from Dr. Bob’s easy to use techniques to dissolve your stress, reduce your anxiety and lower your chronic pain with my free 15 minute consultation.Contact

60 Minute Wellness
Training Session

Dissolve away your stress, anxiety and chronic pain with a custom designed wellness session.

The 60 Minute Wellness Training Session – Start to feel better right away when you train with Dr. Bob as your stress, anxiety, and chronic pain begins to soften and dissolve away. Begin treating yourself to the benefits of self care at the highest levels because you are worth it. Learn more about the 60 minute training session here.Contact

12 Weeks to Stress Relief Mastery

Get the benefit of weekly wellness training sessions as you lower your habitual stress, anxiety and chronic pain levels. Experience states of calm and relaxation as you improve the quality of your life and your longevity.

The 12 Weeks to Stress Relief Mastery
– Enjoy high levels of stress, anxiety and chronic pain relief as you lower and reset your habitual stress set point. See immediate improvements in your levels of resiliency and stress hardiness as your ability to remain calm in the face of adversity measurably increase in you favor. Enjoy new levels of resiliency and stress hardiness. Learn more about the 12 Weeks to Stress Relief Mastery here.Contact

48 Weeks to Optimal Health
and Well-Being

Up your game by getting ahead and staying ahead of the stress curve to boost your performance, have a more youthful appearance, and enjoy a sense of radiant well-being. In addition to successfully handling your stress, anxiety and chronic pain, this option helps you dissolve your grief and deepest trauma memories.

The 48 Weeks to Optimal Health and Well-Being
– Join an elite group of individuals who benefit directly from working closely with Dr. Bob as he customizes your weekly wellness training sessions to give you maximum results. Receive personalized CDs and MP3s tailored to five you accelerated solutions that benefit your entire Being. Be on the cutting edge of new stress relief methods as Dr. Bob shares with you his unique techniques that simultaneously boost your performance and gives you peace of mind. Learn more about the 48 week is to optimal health and well-being hereContact.

VIP Wellness Weekend in NYC

Get ready to experience the ultimate in self care by focusing on You and your own self care needs by working directly with Dr. Bob One-ON-One, by  investing in yourself. This is a unique opportunity to spend a feel good weekend engaged in a comprehensive program of activities designed to simultaneously elevate your Consciousness and help you achieve a maximum Relaxation Response. You will leave NYC fully renewed and refreshed and ready to go.

VIP Wellness Weekend in NYC – Get ready to be inspired and join the select few to have an opportunity to work one-on-one with Dr. Bob in person for an entire weekend. This VIP package includes a 2 night stay at a 5 star hotel, all meals, tour of a private club, round trip airfare, and VIP airport limo pick up and return. This is an intensive and personalized program and an application is required to enroll. Learn more about the VIP wellness weekend in NYC hereContact.

What People Are Saying

What was amazing was that AFTER just the first 15 minute Open Focus exercise, my self-reporting scores went down and each index point related to stress was CUT IN HALF! Yes, that’s right. In fact, over a short one hour period with Dr. Bob, using various methods, my stress, anxiety and chronic pain was about 70% less than when I started. And my mental clarity and feelings of well being also improved greatly….Working with Dr. Bob on stress management left me feeling calmer, more relaxed and the best part was I now had some new tools I could use to easily reduce my daily anxiety and keep it at bay!

Lee Weber

Bob offered to demonstrate his techniques with tuning fork and the open focus method of overcoming pain by changing the way one pays attention to pain from narrow focus to open focus. Both demonstrations helped me to become more comfortable and gave me a tool for dealing with pain.

Suzanne Baldon Ph.D.
Waco, Texas

Fun, clear, progressive, industrious and understanding – no stone un-turned! These are just a few words that come to mind when we speak of Dr. Bob and Christine Wright. They are innovative and thorough in their application of business. They seek to uncover and resolve all challenge that may come and do so with grace and peace.

A & M Greenwood
Austin, Texas

Bob’s creative big picture approach to helping you identify core issues and presenting effective solutions is simply masterful.

L Lolis,

Dr. Robert Wright is a supremely intelligent scholar who cares deeply about people and who operates in the world with integrity.