Coach with Christine


Coaching with Christine

Do you feel deeply for others?  Are you empathetic?  Have family, friends or acquaintances described you as overly sensitive? Are you sentimental? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you may find my style compatible with yours.

I  coach highly sensitive introverts to access their personal power encouraging them as they eliminate habitual patterns of resistance. I support you as you accomplish your goals, explore your motivations, or clarify your intentions to achieve your desired outcomes.


On Your Own Terms – 12 months
* Gain clarity of your life’s purpose so that you can achieve your desired outcomes.
* Make positive changes in your life as you cultivate a solution oriented mindset and adopt new and better habits for doing what works.
* Design strategies and time frames for taking the actions to create and live life On Your Own Terms.


Clearing Your Path – 6 months
* Clearly identify and eliminate your negative feelings, self-talk, or ambiguity that may be keeping you from doing what you want to do.
* Eradicate your self-sabotaging behaviors so you can easily move forward with your plans.
* Empower your vision with detailed action steps that engages your passion so you can live a joy-filled life.


Get It Done – 3 months
* Get keen insights so you will develop your best strategy to Get It Done efficiently and effectively.
* Get help and support for staying on track by identifying and overcoming procrastinating behaviors and distractions.


What People Are Saying

I was immediately convinced that I had made the right decision to reach out to her to help overcoming some issues I’d been running into during job interviews. We talked it out, and Christine had several exercises (painless) that we went through that I remember and still use today.

Jason Byrley
Fort Lauderdale, FL


Christine is a pallet of Intelligence, Insight, Compassion,
Empathy and Enthusiasm. Plus, she is an engaged listener.
Consider Christine Wright as the guide to your greater success.

Dick Heatherton, CRMC
Author Speaker Trainer Coach


My friend June referred me to Christine Wright, who has to be the calmest person I have ever known. I feel like I’m exploding with ideas, while she manages to make sense of it, making it clear what my next step should be. If you’re just starting a business, interested in expanding, or you just feel overwhelmed with everything you have going on, you owe it to yourself to call Christine. I don’t know what I would have done without her.
Los Angeles, CA


A few months ago I made a commitment to put on a seminar. However, it was clear to me that I would need someone to hold me accountable or I wouldn’t get it done. A good friend referred me to Christine Wright for coaching. As my coach, Christine and I talked each week and she gave me the encouragement, support and accountability I needed to create my seminar. Thank you Christine for your humor, wisdom and excellent coaching.

Ted A. Moreno
Certified Hypnotherapist
South Pasadena, CA


I was so stuck in my business before coaching with Christine. I wasn’t able to maintain a steady flow with existing clients or the new leads I was attracting. I would stay up all night just to ‘catch up’ on client work and feeling under pressure constantly. One of the biggest wins has been to organize my week and plan ahead to manage my time. I no longer stay up all night working and I actually take time out for myself.

Rosie Taylor
Head Propeller
Fort Lauderdale, FL


I hired Christine Wright to help me move forward on a stalled writing project —a memoir. As a result of our work together, I was able to move past difficult emotions and begin writing again, knowing someone was there supporting me and cheering me on. Her encouragement, support and wisdom have helped me with the writing, but I’ve been able to identify other life goals and tasks, resulting in more productivity and energy. She also reminds me of the need for self-care in the midst of the hard work of writing a book.

Martha Goudey
Writer and Personal Historian
Selah, Washington


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