Chris Cade Gives You Solutions for Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

Podcast Episode 013                                              Release Date: 6/12/2015

Chris CadeOn this podcast Chris Cade provides you with practical tips and solutions for effectively dealing with fear and anxiety in your life especially when your fear and anxiety causes you to exaggerate and catastrophize potentially disastrous outcomes in your mind. Chris covers the debilitating role fear and anxiety played in his own life when he was bullied as a young child and shares his story of how he triumphed over his fear of being bullied by becoming a martial arts champion. Chris now holds two 2nd degree black belts in Tae Kwon Do, the US National Champion title, and he placed 3rd at the Super Grands World Games in 1994. Chris is the author of Unchain Your Dreams: Conquer the Fear of Failure Quickly and Easily. To learn more about Chris’ inspiring message of hope and action and how his approach helps you overcome fear and anxiety, go to his website


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