Have You Ever Experienced A Miracle?

Have You Ever Experienced A Miracle?
by Robert Wright, Jr., Ph.D., COFT


Heavenly LightRecently I experienced an extraordinary event which rekindled my faith in humankind: I experienced a miracle! While every religious tradition reports cases of miracles due to supernatural causes—miraculous healings, visions, etc.—the type of miracle I experienced was of the everyday variety. All the same, the experience had the capacity to instantly transform my view of life—what may be going on in my life or what’s important or what is meaningful.


Dictionary.com defines a miracle as “an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause; such an effect or event manifesting or considered as a work of God; a wonder; marvel.” Likewise, Wikipedia describes a miracle as “an event not ascribable to human power or the laws of nature and consequently attributed to a supernatural, especially divine, agency; the word ‘miracle’ is often used to characterize any beneficial event that is statistically unlikely but not contrary to the laws of nature.”


Looking back, my miracle could be considered a “beneficial event that is statistically unlikely” since the chances of it happening might be considered “slim.” So, what was my miracle? While shopping at a distant supermarket, I left my bag in the shopping cart in the parking lot. As I drove away from the supermarket in bumper to bumper Friday evening traffic, once I realized that I did not have my phone—“OMG, what else was in my bag that I cannot afford to lose?”—my sense of shock and disbelief began to set in.


Although a thousand thoughts seem to rush through my mind simultaneous, my primary question was this: “Why couldn’t I remember what else was in my bag besides my phone?” As I pulled into the supermarket parking lot, immediately I saw that someone had pulled into the space where I had parked, and although the cart I had used was still there, it was empty! Still hopeful, I approached the two gentlemen who clear the lot of carts at the store entrance, asking “I was here 25 minutes ago, did you find a bag in a shopping cart over there?”


Double Rainbow 2Initially two blank stares came back, then a question: “A bag?” Undeterred, I asked again: “Did you find a blue bag with lettering a short while ago?” “Oh yes, I turned it in at the Service desk.” At that moment I “bear hugged” him, then exclaimed “You are a miracle!” then rushed inside to retrieve my bag. The moment I opened it, I knew right away just how fortunate I was—inside were irreplaceable documents, my glasses, and money—all undisturbed! Upon exiting the store, I searched unsuccessfully for the gentlemen to thank him for turning in my bag but he was nowhere to be found. I made a mental note to return soon to thank him again and decided to write a letter of appreciation to the store manager.


Reflecting upon this event made me aware of the many miracles like this one I had experienced in my lifetime—both large and small. Then I began to see a larger picture: What if all of us experience miracles regularly but we do not talk about it? What about you, have you ever experienced a miracle? More importantly, have you ever been a miracle for someone else? As I pondered these questions, a sense of “calm knowing” came over me.


As you reflect upon your life, ask yourself whether you have ever experienced a miracle and most likely the answer will be yes. Then consider trying to tally all of the miracles you have experienced in your life. Once you do so, most likely you will experience a feeling of gratitude, awe and wonder—yes, right under your own nose you have received many blessings—some large, some small but miracles all the same.


DOUBLE_RAINBOWA longer period of reflection may reveal this to you: that you have been the source of a miracle for someone else in need! Yes, you may have unknowingly been a miracle worker! And that is the enlightening wisdom of my supermarket miracle: that when I unselfishly assist others, I too may be a miracle for them. Consider becoming a miracle today and everyday for someone in need. You may be surprised that your miracle work for others may be returned to you “unexpectedly” in your own time of need. Be a miracle today—your life will be enriched and your sense of gratitude will automatically reduce your stress.


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