Angela Carr Patterson Speaks About How You Can Heal The Invisible Wounding You Feel When You’re A Fatherless Daughter

Podcast Episode 028                                                      Release Date: 9/25/2015

Angela Carr PattersonOn this podcast Angela Carr Paterson, CEO and President of Oasis Promotions, LLC, discusses how she was able to discover her real self by uncovering and admitting the painful truth that underlying much of her despair and relationship challenges was the fact that she was a “Fatherless Daughter Woman.” Angela defines a “Fatherless Daughter Woman” as a female who grew up with an unattached, unavailable or absent father. She says that this one key missing element in a female’s life can have many negative consequences once she becomes an adult. Known to many as The Love Lifestyle Coach ™, Angela is a trusted authority when it comes to helping women and girls to awaken to the truth of who they are and actualize the power of Self Love to create infinite success in their lives. Angela is the creator of the ground breaking work, The Journey to Being Process™, a program to help fatherless women and girls move beyond their daddy wounds onto a path of love, acceptance, and forgiveness. A speaker, author, Radio/TV host, Global Life Strategist, and founder of The Fatherless Daughters Network, Angela is committed to her entrepreneurial calling of inspiring others to Awaken to their truth and live Love as a Lifestyle. To learn more about Angela and her work visit her website:



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