Alan Eisenberg Discusses Bullying: How to Heal the Hurt!

Podcast Episode 014                                                   Release Date: 6/19/2015

Alan_EisenbergOn this podcast Alan Eisenberg shares tips for dealing with and healing the long term pain and anguish which can come about especially when you’ve been bullied unmercifully as a child. Alan is the creator of the very successful blog where he has told his own personal story of being bullied and where he has allowed others to share their own bullying stories. Alan is also the author of the soon to be released book entitled A Ladder in the Dark: My Journey from Bullying to Self-Acceptance which tells the story of how Alan was able to successfully rescue himself from the long term effects of being bullied which led to anxiety and depression as a result of youth bullying. Until he sought resolve his bullying trauma by creating a safe place for himself and others to share their bullying stories, Alan could not see the ladder of escape which may have been there all the time. To learn more about Alan and the good work he does to assist others visit his website or consider pre-ordering a copy of his new book A Ladder In The Dark: My Journey from Bullying to Self-Acceptance.

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