Stress, Immune Function, and Health: The Connection

Written by a renowned figure in the field of immunology and compiling a wealth of scientific information, Stress, Immune Function, and Health: The Connection looks at the long-term effects of stress on human health from a psychoneuroimmunological approach. The recent changes in dietary modifications, clinical applications, and evolution in the field of immunology have created the need for a book which addresses the growing awareness of health benefits that can be achieved by buffering the effects of stress on the immune system. Emphasizing the importance of the interaction among the mind, the body, and physical health, this reference includes important developmental procedures that can be used to resist stress on the immune system. By examining components of the immune system, along with the effects of psychological stress and the capacity for hormonal response, author Bruce Rabin demonstrates, in a concise, accessible manner, the ability of an individual's immune system to alter susceptibility to immune-mediated diseases. In addition, the book examines several key issues in this rapidly expanding field, including:
    * Information and examples that illustrate how distinct areas of the brain that perceive the presence of a stressor are able to communicate with the cells of the immune system
    * The correlation between stress-related changes in health practices and stressor-induced risks of disease development
    * The effect on the immune system due to stress from an increased concentration of neuropeptides and hormones
    * Behaviors and beliefs that can reduce the harmful effects of stress on the immune system by interfering with the stress-responsive areas of the brain
    * The issue of stress during pregnancy and the early period of development on behaviors and immune functions in children
An authoritative guide for all researchers and students in the fields of immunology, neuroscience, and psychology, Stress, Immune Function, and Health: The Connection is also an essential reference for physicians and nurses concerned with stress and immune-related diseases.

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