David Fairweather Explains How You Can Get Ahead and Stay Ahead of the Stress, Anxiety and Burnout Curve

Podcast Episode 081                                                  Release Date: September 30, 2016

davidfairweatherOn this podcast David Fairweather guides listeners through the terrain of their own minds by explaining how you can gain greater control over your own thoughts, feelings and behavior. This allows you to gain greater mastery of yourself and gives you a competitive “edge” in life that can lead to greater satisfaction in your work and home life. David combines psychotherapeutic techniques with EEG brainwave bio-feedback and evidence based stress response diagnostics, coaching clients to achieve objective, observable results of self-mastery, as evidenced in measurable successes and physiological and/or psychological change. Previously employed by York University [Canada] to provide stress and anxiety reduction workshops for their Faculty of Health, David was responsible for implementing several innovative technological advancements into the School of Nursing’s research on learning and performing under pressure. Originally an Aerospace Engineer, David has over 20 years experience as a corporate consultant, technical expert and high end 3D computer aided design and stress analysis technology trainer to some of the largest Aerospace and Automotive companies in North America. To learn more about how David can help you reduce stress, anxiety and burnout, visit his website  www.davidfairweather.ca or email him at  therapy@davidfairweather.ca.



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