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Are you looking to improve the quality of your life?

Then consider coaching with us. Partnering with a coach gives you the opportunity to have skilled support, structure, and increased insight while you discover and overcome limiting thoughts, feelings and behaviors to achieve your long held dreams and desires. Top athletes and successful high level executives have been using coaches throughout their careers to get excellent results and outcomes in their respective careers.

Both Dr. Robert Wright, Jr.,Ph.D., COFT and Christine Wright, M.A. offer customized individual and group coaching packages.

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Coaching with Christine

Christine coaches highly sensitive introverts to access their personal power encouraging them as they eliminate habitual patterns of resistance. She supports you as you accomplish your goals, explore your motivations, or clarify your intentions to achieve your desired outcomes.


On Your Own Terms – 12 months
* Gain clarity of your life’s purpose so that you can achieve your desired outcomes.
* Make positive changes in your life as you cultivate a solution oriented mindset and adopt new and better habits for doing what works.
* Design strategies and time frames for taking the actions to create and live life On Your Own Terms.


Clearing Your Path – 6 months
* Clearly identify and eliminate your negative feelings, self-talk, or ambiguity that may be keeping you from doing what you want to do.
* Eradicate your self-sabotaging behaviors so you can easily move forward with your plans.
* Empower your vision with detailed action steps that engages your passion so you can live a joy-filled life.


Get It Done – 3 months
* Get keen insights so you will develop your best strategy to Get It Done efficiently and effectively.
* Get help and support for staying on track by identifying and overcoming procrastinating behaviors and distractions.